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My name is Paragon. And if you are here — you need a photographer. Why me? Photography for me is more than just a job. That is my soul.

Five years and more than 100 clients per year — 98% of them were more than satisfied with the result! I invite you to read the COMMENTS section with customers’ feedback on my work. I believe in what you are — a very attractive person. I knowthat I can show it, and I can implement any ideas of yours.

My Philosophy


I will change your idea of photography!

Photography has become an integral part of our lives. I agree, sometimes it is difficult to keep everything in memory. Time is so fleeting. But it's nice to sit in the evening with loved ones, open the album and relive all of your important moments.

I'll help you to keep all of them. I will find for you the correct angle. And do not even think to tell me that you ‘are unphotogenic’ or ‘have never been photographed.’ After working with me, you will see that this is just an excuse!



This site is a small part of my work I want to show you.


With every couple, with every person I photographed, with their emotions and feelings — I was feeling the same and tried to show these feelings in the photos. That is how I see this world. Enjoy watching!

My Team


Assistant Caroline Beek, PR manager Gloria Mann, administrator Julia Berzkalna, model Bradley Grosh, light ancillary Ivana Wong.



What They Say


We have been working with John for a long time and we can easily say that he is our family photographer. John has done a lot photo shoots for us and our friends in different places. Very pleased with his work: high quality of the photos, photo books, flexibility, and efficiency. Thank you!